About Us: Our Mission

About Us: Our Mission
Olucapri | Bonjour!
Olucapri International Limited is incorporated in accordance with the Company and Allied Matters Act, 1990 of Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Olucapri is a privately held company, consists of creative and multi-talented Web Designers and Developers, Graphic Artists and Programmers and Engineers.

 We engage in the organization and management of fashion events and fashion consultancy in Nigeria through our subsidiaries: Amazing Models Agency, Vogue Inspire Magazine and Fashion Network Africa, Bonjour! Multimedia.

Bonjour! is a subsidiary of Olucapri, specializes in all category of multimedia solution, such as Videography, Photography, Animation, Project Presentation, etc.
We provide a wide range of services including 4GH Web Hosting and additional services, Website Design and Development, Mobile Web Application Development, Secure E-mail Solution, Consulting , Bulk SMS and a host of others.
We offer customer-oriented services and deliver creative and effective results.

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[vc_team_member image=”1230″ name=”Adekunle Olumide” position=”CEO, Bonjour! Media Co-Founder” fb_url=”https://www.facebook.com/olucapri/”]
[vc_team_member image=”1078″ name=”Kelvin Oki” position=”Creative Director, Bonjour! Media Co-Founder”]
[vc_team_member image=”1076″ name=”Olivia Thomas Omon” position=”HR Personnel, Bonjour! Media Customer Service”]
[vc_team_member image=”1071″ name=”Segun Micheal” position=”Programmer, Developer”]
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Olucapri Creative and Multimedia Digital Agency is a network of computer professionals from various specialties in the blue chip industry.