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5 Ways to Slow Down Time

You might be one of the several billions of people on planet earth who thinks time burns too fast. Some even say up to an extent that it seems 24 hours a day is not enough for humans, as if it could be increased. Well I used to think so too until I came across some facts and put it to work and discovered that time is constant. It is humans that seems too slow to keep up with time. So in this article, I’m going to share five ways by which time can be slowed down, or five ways we can keep up with time ( which sounds more appropriate).

Make Plans

We’ve always heard that the journey of a thousand miles starts with a step. So if you think you don’t make plans, it is an error. We all make plans everyday. Going on a journey is a plan to arrive somewhere else. Eating food is a plan to stay alive and well. Getting married is a plan to start a family. All we need to do is to be conscious of our plans. One of the ways to make conscious plans is to get a journal (book) on which you will write down all your notable plans and if/when you achieve them. Living this way gives you a sense of accountability and direction, and ultimately you will learn to keep up with time.

Sleep Less

It is advisable by the medics that humans should sleep for an approximate 8 (eight) hours everyday! This in a sense is sensible, but in another sense it isn’t. A day is made up of 24 hours, and one-third of that is the 8 hours meant for sleep, that is way too much! It means a 75-year old man would’ve slept for 25 years of his life on earth. The remaining 50 active years is too small to achieve what successful men achieve in this world. A dead person have all the time in the world to sleep. I think it is appropriate for a young person to spend only 4 hours sleeping in the night, however a one hour nap during the day would do a lot of good. You may ask what’s to be done during the remaining silent part of the night? Well, there are tons of things to do such as reading, researching, meditating, exercising, discussing, or better yet spend it to arrange the coming day. For medical purposes, it might be advisable to have one or two days a week when you sleep complete 8 hours for the brain to catch up on the up times. “If it is easy, everyone will be doing it”. So you have to do it if you want to catch up with time and make a success out of life.

Set Big Goals

While making plans for the nearest future, make sure to set big goals. When you set big goals, you put time to work. You make time to work for you instead of you working for time. If you shrink a 30-day plan to 15 days, every seconds will count. You will make use of each moment while you consciously work towards your goal. There will hardly be any time of that moment you will be willing to waste. Let’s look at what happens when you make little goals. If a project should take 30 days and you give it 60 days, you are more likely to achieve the goal within 30 days. So what happens to the remaining 30 days, you wait idly and target-less while you await the next time to set another goal. But when you allocate a short period to a seemingly unachievable project and you set your heart to it to achieve, you will consciously go all out to make it work. And you knowing that it is your own decision and not something that is imposed on you, you will work harder to achieve it… thereby utilizing each second of the day.

Work With People

There is so little you can achieve as a single person. That is where partnership comes in. There is speed in what took a joint effort to accomplish than what a single effort can achieve. A business, project or task that will take a single person to achieve in one year can take 2 people just a month to execute. There’s a quote that says “together we are stronger”. And strength also brings speed, and speed is catching up with time, even overshooting the projected time when the strength is adequate. The source of wisdom once said “One shall defeat a thousand, Two shall put ten thousand to flight”. So it is expedient in our run against time to engage other people. Friends, families, colleagues, neighbors, all these people are put in our lives to help us achieve things faster… make good use of them. You may say you don’t want to make others work for you, but if you noticed you’ve been working for others for a long time whether you know it or not.

Add The God-Factor

A wise man once say that the essence of life is meaningless if there’s nothing like a God somewhere. The purpose of living supersede this earth, there is more to life than what we can see, and it takes a little insight into the spiritual realms to figure this out. I understand that not many people believe in Spirit, in God, in Divinity, in the Supernatural… but that they don’t believe in it doesn’t means it doesn’t exist. For instance, that you don’t believe in the law of gravity doesn’t suspend you in the air when you stepped off a cliff, you sure would be pulled down. To find out more about Divinity and The God-Factor, visit
Now, how does the God-Factor utilize time?
There are several beliefs in the world, and I’m in no way criticizing anyone in this article, however I will be speaking from the Christianity point of view. In Christianity there is something we call “Prayer”, it is a form of communication with the Creator. This is well described as consulting a manual of a product. For instance, if you bought a car that can run as well as fly, and you have been using the car for days or months or years, and one day you decide to learn how to use the car to fly. You might spend another long time trying to figure out how to make the car fly, or you can just open the car’s manual which came from the manufacturer and follow the instructions, in no time you would be flying as the car had been designed to. This is the same way it is when you pray, you get directions from your creator on which step to take, which decision to follow and which action to boycott. Getting direct instructions from your Creator makes you achieve things faster and not burn necessary time trying to figure it out on your own.

Time is a factor, a principle that runs on its own whether you’re aware of it or not. It is to your advantage if you are able to catch up with time thereby slowing it down even though it cannot be slowed down. 24 hours a day will be 24 hours a day anywhere in the world and the same amount of time is allocated to each and everyone on a daily basis. What you did with your own 24 hours determines if you’re able to use the time.

A time not spent is a time that flies.

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