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10 Hottest Smartphones you should consider in 2019

8. Samsung Galaxy S10E

The Samsung Galaxy S10E is a lot like the Galaxy S10, but with some key differences. It has a dual camera on the rear rather than a triple camera, for instance, and the Galaxy S10E doesn’t have an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor below the display. Instead, there is a side-mounted captive fingerprint sensor on the right edge. It also comes in a hard-to-miss Canary Yellow
(Image: Jason Hiner)

The S10E has two rear cameras instead of three with the telephoto lens removed. The ultra-wide lens is useful for landscape and indoor photography while the 2x optical has limited usefulness. You can also add a Moment external lens to add functionality that is missing from the cameras.

The same Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor is used with RAM starting at 6GB instead of 8GB. That’s still 2GB more than what Google offers in the Pixel 3. The battery capacity is 3,100mAh, but with the smaller display you are still able to get through a day of use with it.

The Samsung Galaxy S10E is the most affordable of the new Galaxy S10 line with a price of $750.

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